Anchor nut is a cast iron accessory used to fix the formwork shields together with tie rod, pvc pipe and concrete spacers.

For one tie rod two anchor nuts are needed - to fix the shields from both sides. First the concrete spacers are put on PVC pipe, then PVC pipe is placed into the formwork structure. After that the tie rod is put inside the PVC pipe and finally this construction is fixed with two anchor nuts. When the concrete has dried, the anchor nuts and tie rod can be removed - due to the thread it can be just unwound, no need to use any special instrument.

Due to galvanization finish anchor nut is strongly protected from corrosion and can be re-used for several times so as the tie rod.

Diameter of the nut is 90 mm (100 mm can be also ordered), inner diameter is 17 mm - suitable for tie rod, thread pitch 10 mm, three lugs, material - ductile iron.

Anchor nut galvanized 90

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