• Dimensions: 1220x2440x21mm
  • Weight: 42.8 kg
  • Veneer: birch
  • Thickness, mm: 21
  • Film density, gr/m2: 125


Film faced plywood Sun Birch is produced from Russian birch veneer of premium quality. For our film faced plywood we use brown film with density 120 gr/m2 printed on Finnish paper. Film faced plywood can be used for up to 50 times in case of right maintenance.


Grade 1/1 means that both sides of the plywood are of the first grade. According to manufacturing standard, grade 1 allow the following defects:

- white stripes or spots no more than 25% of total sheet area

- a few scratches without damage of the film

- chips with length no more than 5 mm.


These defects do not influence the plywood exploitation properties.


*Tip of the day: Applying Formwork oil on film faced plywood will prevent sticking of the plywood to concrete

Film faced plywood grade 1/1 21mm

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