Tie rod - is a part of formwork structure, used in monolithic construction. It's function is to fix the shields of formwork. Such method of fixation is widely spread and is used for a long time all over the world. Tie rod is used together with anchor nut, PVC pipe and concrete spacer "Cone".

The principle of usage is as follows: First the concrete spacers are put on PVC pipe, then PVC pipe is placed into the formwork structure. After that the tie rod is put inside the PVC pipe and this construction is fixed with two anchor nuts from both sides.

Usage of tie rod allows to mount and dismount the formwork easily.

Due to low percentage of carbon in cold-rolled tie rod, it can be easily welded if necessary. 

The diameter of tie rod is 17 mm.

The pitch of thread is 10 mm.

Load capacity - 85-240 kN.

Weight of 1 running meter - 1.20 kg

Our company supplies hot rolled tie rod of different length: 0.8 meters, 1 meter, 3 meters.


*Price is for 1 running meter.

Tie rod cold-rolled

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