Timber beam is construction material used as a main element in mounting of inter-floor ceilings. Timber beams bear most of the load in monolithic construction, therefore they are characterized as very rigid materials with big loading capacity.

Economic Timber beam: Flange is made of pine-oriented wood, stem is made of mixed massive of birch plywood and VVP board. 

Glue is thermo- and water- proof. Butt-ends has a spcial chemicl protection.

Weight of the beam is 5 kg/running meter, dimension: 200x80x25 mm.

Admissible transversal load - 11 Kn

Admissable bending moment - 5 Kn*m

We produce all length from 1 meter to 6 meters.  


*Price is for 1 running meter.


Timber beam ECONOMIC