Timber beam is construction material used as a main element in mounting of inter-floor ceilings. Timber beams bear most of the load in monolithic construction, therefore they are characterized as very rigid materials with big loading capacity.

Standard beam are produced with the following characteristics: Flange is made of pine-oriented wood of 1-2 second grade, stem is made of mixed massive of birch plywood and board VVP. 

Among the advantages of standard beams are: butt-end chamfer which minimizes the strength of blows; rounded lengthwise rib; chemical protection of the butt-ends.

Weight of running meter is from 5,2 to 5,5 kg.

Dimensions: 200x80x27 mm.

Admissible transversal load - 11 Kn

Admissable bending moment - 5 Kn*m


*Price is for 1 running meter.

* Timber beam of any length from 1 to 6 meters can be produced.

Timber beam STANDARD